Why Choose BellCostSeg

Gregory Bell has extensive Cost Segregation Experience since being actively involved within the Tax Credit Industry since 1998.

Over 120 Years of combined “hands-on” Construction Experience of Commercial Properties between our Senior Management Partners.

The IRS COST SEGREGATION AUDIT TECHNIQUE GUIDE at Chapter 4 states the following:
“In General, a Study by a Construction Engineer is more Reliable than one conducted by someone with no Engineering or Construction Background.”

Provide accurate Benefit Analysis with preliminary Tax Deductions based upon current Asset Values.

Prepare a Quality Cost Segregation Study with a Detailed Engineering Asset Analysis and Report that clearly identifies and segregates all Units Of Property (UOP) into the proper Tax Asset Classification categories as prescribed by the current Tax Codes.

 Our Construction Engineering is supported by the latest version of “2017 Professional” Estimating Software that utilizes the IRS Approved “2017 R. S. Means” Database with Local Pricing Index Factor that is based upon Client’s property location as per zip code.

Prepare all TAX/AMT Depreciation Projection Schedules utilizing the “2017 Fixed Assets CS Professional Suite” Software supported by Thomson Reuters.

Prepare IRS Form 3115 “Application For Change in Accounting Method” along with all Supplemental Attachments including Form 481(a) “Adjustment For Accumulated Depreciation” for submittal to the IRS with Client Tax Returns.

Provide 100% Audit Assistance at No Additional Costs if any portion of our Cost Segregation Study comes under the scrutiny of an IRS Audit.

We are the “Real CostSeg Pros” that it takes to accurately identify the correct Structural Components to claim Retirement Losses for Property that was disposed in year of Tax Return.


BellCostSeg is a Professional Construction Company that specializes in providing Owners and CPA firms with accurate Cost Segregation Studies including the preparation of IRS Form 3115 to obtain significant tax deductions.

Gregory Bell, a seasoned Florida Certified General Contractor since 1974, leads his team of experienced construction engineers to perform the detailed analysis that is supported by the most recent tax regulations. 

Gregory is equally experienced in the aspects of providing a cost segregation analysis for New Construction because he has designed, constructed and built numerous commercial buildings and large apartment projects over the span of his career.  This unique perspective is what separates him from the other “cost segregation experts” as his extensive construction knowledge of building components when applied with the principles of Tax Depreciation as prescribed by IRS guidelines for preparing Cost Segregation Studies and Retirement of Structural Components that will yield significant tax deductions.

BellCostSeg can now provide such services to CPA firms and Owners from review of a project development for Cost Segregation Tax Planning purposes to onsite inspections for the actual engagement of a complete Cost Segregation Study.

BellCostSeg is fully insured and currently employs 5 Cost Segregation Engineers to perform the site inspections in order to prepare the detailed estimates and engineering reports. Gregory reviews all of the data input and closely monitors the entire report assembly from start to finish in order to assure full compliance with IRS tax regulations.

Let us be your first and only choice when selecting a cost segregation provider. We take great pride in our work and promise to deliver the best Cost Segregation Studies that are available in our specialized field of technical expertise.


What We Do

Purchase price allocation
(after property purchased but before improvements).

Construction tax planning
(before start).

New construction
(during or after start).

Leasehold improvements by tenant/landlord.

Fixed assets depreciation review.

Abandonment studies for various components on all units of property.

Repairs & Maintenance studies as per newly implemented 2018 IRS regulations governing deduction & capitalization of expenditures related to all tangible property.

Green building energy certification studies.

Preparation of IRS form 3115 to submit for change in accounting method to maximize accelerated depreciation from our study.

Free IRS audit assistance if ever required.

Our Team, proud and dedicated members of the ASCSP (American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals), is a professional organization committed to establishing the technical and ethical standards for the cost segregation industry through education, testing and certification. 

For more information visit www.ascsp.org