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Cost Segregation Analysis
Construction Management
Project Development
Federal Regulations
Cost Segregation Analysis
  • Perform detailed Site Inspection to properly review all Units Of Property (UOP) that can be evaluated for re-classification into a shorter segregated class life.
  • Review all Architectural & Engineering plans in order to prepare an accurate estimate of UOP’s for the detailed cost segregation analysis.
  • Review all Construction Costs including AIA Request For Payments (G702 & G703) submitted by General Contractor - Building Improvement documents - Invoices from Subcontractors & Vendors - Journal Entry Accounting Records - and any/or other records that can be provided by Client to ascertain construction costs.
  • Prepare 'ProEst 2017 Engineering Asset Detail Report supported by R.S. Means Cost database with all UOP's clearly identified and segregated by IRS property classifications. 
  • Prepare Tax Depreciation Projection Schedules for all segregated asset categories. 
  • Issue Cost Segregation Study in full compliance with all IRS regulations as prescribed by the IRS "Cost Segregation Audit Technique Guide - Chapter 4 — Principle Elements of a Quality Cost Segregation Study and Report". 
  • Prepare IRS Form 3115 Application for Change in Accounting Method along with all supplemental Attachments including Form 481(a) Adjustment for Accumulated Depreciation.  
Construction Management
  • Regional Senior Project Manager for Affordable Housing Developer that utilized Federal and State Tax Incentive Programs to build apartment projects with the leverage of Tax Credits.
  • Prepare Cost Certifications & Asset Segregation of completed Affordable Housing apartment projects prior to Closing for sale of Tax Credits to Investment Syndication.
  • Responsible for entire Construction Management of multiple projects located throughout the country including selection of Project Managers, Superintendents, Subcontractors and Vendors.
  • Prepare detailed quantity estimates for budgetary purposes in order to complete buy-out of entire project from various  suppliers and vendors.
  • Prepare and/or review scope of work specifications to maintain quality control within projected budgetary guidelines.
  • Review subcontractor proposals and negotiate contracts for entire project.
  • Procure sources of additional subcontractors and vendors to supplement current subbase.
  • Monitor quality control through customized inspection reports developed for each trade. 
  • Prepare construction schedules from various software programs to monitor daily progress with weekly reporting and updating to the master project schedule.
  • Prepare AIA Document forms & other draw procedures for submittal to lending institutions;
  • Review and approve all applications for payment from vendors & subcontractors.
  • Maintain weekly cost control procedures & supply reports to assure project is within budget.
  • Prepare weekly site-safety meetings & other requirements as prescribed by local, state and federal regulations to assure compliance and maintain documentation.
  • Monitor & prepare all state and federal reporting for government financed assisted projects.
Project Development
  • Prepare detailed Land Use and Project Development Feasibility Reports.
  • Evaluate site selections and assist in site acquisition.
  • Meet with governmental agencies & department supervisors to assess project parameters.
  • Prepare conceptual site plan & present to appropriate agencies.
  • Obtain preliminary site plan approval & concurrency review with governmental agencies.
  • Assist in obtaining city & county acknowledgements for utility services.
  • Attend relevant public meetings to assist in all phases of development.
  • Meet with Utility Companies to assess energy incentive programs for rebates to developer.
  • Over 40 years of experience with design and build of Commercial, Residential & Multifamily structures within undeveloped or developed subdivisions and industrial parks.
  • Conceptual & Development Design of cost effective floor plans & building envelopes.
  • Product selection of building components with cost analysis & comparisons.
  • Comprehensive review of Document Specifications & Plans prior to bid submittals.
  • Energy Efficiency Design Analysis & cost comparisons.
  • Cognizant of the climatic conditions & construction deficiencies that result in the degradation of residential & commercial structures.
  • Landscape Design to assure correct plant selection for high survival rate.
  • Exterior Site Lighting Design utilizing cost-efficient fixtures for maximum illumination.
  • Conceptual Site Plan with lot layouts, building footprints, boundary setbacks, roadway and utility easements, parking lot design, storm water system and site lighting plan.
  • Preliminary Engineering Analysis of development costs & integration into adjoining facilities.
  • Comprehensive review of Document Specifications & Plans prior to bid submittals.
  • Prepare entire site development budget & procure subcontractor bids.
  • Supervise & monitor entire horizontal site development process & infrastructure installations.
  • Provide preliminary structural analysis reports for corrective procedures.
  • Extensive knowledge & experience in the development of sophisticated renovations from existing structures addressing all aspects of new product integration.
  • Assist structural engineer for cost effective renovations in existing buildings for occupancy.
  • Evaluate existing structures & prepare detailed report with projected budget costs.
  • Repair & restoration of structural concrete especially on coastal barrier islands.
  • Damage assessments from hurricane, floods, fire & vandalism to accurately project repair costs & protect owner's investment property from deficient insurance claim.
  • Assessment of environmental health issues & implementation of corrective measures.
  • Mold & Mildew Remediation including certified restoration procedures.
  • Litigation specialist for defective workmanship & contractual deficiencies.
  • Paralegal assistance in arbitration, mitigation, product performance & liability.
  • Highly successful in negotiating final settlements with subcontractors & vendors on over-budget projects in order to prevent further litigation.
  • Paralegal assistance in reaching final resolutions on claims of liens prior to attorney intervention.
Federal Regulations
  • Monitoring & submittal of Davis-Bacon documentation to appropriate agencies.
  • Knowledgeable in Fair Housing Act requirements for multifamily projects & compliance.
  • Knowledgeable in UFAS & ADA accessibility requirements for all types of structures.